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Nature of Account/Activities: Employee Benefit Utilization Review

Company Profile/Industry:


Because of this US-based technology firm’s increasingly rapid growth, the organization was so focused on managing such fast-paced expansion and change, that benefits were an “afterthought” to the company’s budget. Even so, the firm realized that having benefits that were competitive in the market place could be an essential component in their efforts to attract and retain employees and recruit additional talent. In addition, it appeared that their current plan lacked transparency with regard to the overall benefits spend.  


USI was given the opportunity to evaluate the company’s plans and give key recommendations for the improvement and management of their employee health benefits.

Over a five-week period, we gathered policy information, analyzed the prospective client’s employee benefits profile—including comparing it against local and regional benchmarks—and conducted a detailed cost analysis and plan design review. Additionally, we performed a compliance review to confirm the plans were compliant with all healthcare reform regulations.

Upon completion of our review, we presented our findings and recommendations which included improvements to the plan design that would not only address gaps we’d uncovered during the review process and enhance the overall benefits, but also significantly reduce fixed costs.


As a result of the plan evaluation and our recommendations:

Through the increased plan design flexibility and newly-developed understanding of the financial impact of benefits upon the organization that USI was able to deliver, the client now feels confidently in control of their benefits program.


Nature of Account/Activities: Benefits Assessment

Company Profile/Industry:


Our client was going through bankruptcy and fighting to revive the company during an exceptionally challenging time for their industry, given its close ties to the overall state of the economy. After decreasing their employee population by more than half, the company found that their benefits now posed a significant and un-checked financial strain on the organization. Additionally—with their employees in a variety of locations and the majority of the population being in trucks, distributing product to customers—the organization faced meaningful communication challenges. 


The client’s leadership charged USI with helping to get the company back on track as they began to emerge from bankruptcy. Because we understood both the organization’s demographics and the challenges they faced, we knew our success would hinge not only upon cost and plan design, but also upon improved employee education and communication with respect to health benefits

During the course of our review, we:


As a result of the guidance and recommendations derived from the Benefits Assessment, the company elected to implement:

The client has now successfully emerged from bankruptcy and is on the path to success. By leveraging both our comprehensive understanding of the organization’s demographics and challenges, and the information gleaned through our Benefits Analysis, we have successfully engaged the plan participants and helped drive improved utilization habits while also filling in gaps in care.