Douglas Potvin

Chief Financial Officer

Trinity Logistics

Doug Potvin is the Chief Financial Officer of Trinity Logistics, and has been for the last 10.5 years. In this role, Doug looks after/coordinates/manages/leads a team providing (choose one of the foregoing) all aspects of financial reporting and back-end administrative functions, including credit, collections, receivables and payable management, customer service, claims management, carrier relations and compliance and providing legal support.  Doug is also architecture of Trinity Logistics benefits program including health and wellness initiatives, 401K, and other defined benefit programs.  In addition, before the arrival of the CTO at Trinity, Doug also oversaw the information technology infrastructure for Trinity.

Based on knowledge of health care industry, health insurance, and wellness benefits, he was asked and has recently joined the Nanticoke Health Systems Physician Network Board of Directors.

Before joining Trinity Logistics in 2006 (year), Doug worked for 10 (years) vertically integrated Seafood Company where he was Controller and General Manager and handled a wide range of functions and departments.

Doug is a graduated with a BS Degree with dual majors in Business Administration and Computer Science/Math and minor in Economics from Bridgewater College located in Bridgewater VA.